Mobile Phone Turns 25, More than Four Billion Sold Worldwide

Arguably counted amongst one of most useful technical gadget so far, the mobile phone has completed 25 years of its existence.

The first mobile handset that appeared in market was the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X and it was 13 inches long and weighed almost 1.75 pounds, obviously too bulky for contemporary mobile users.

In 1983 when the mobile was first launched, one had to pay USD 50 a month in rentals and calls would cost 40 cents per minute during peak times.

The first call using the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X was made on 13 October, by Bob Barnett, the then president of Ameritech Mobile Communications in Chicago, to great grandson of Alexander Graham Bell in Germany.

In addition to its hefty body, the handset included a LED display, memory to store thirty dialling contacts, and needed ten hours of charging for providing call time up to 60 minutes or standby time of eight hours.

Incidentally Motorola poured a whopping USD100 million investment and 10 years in developing the first ever mobile handset.

At the last count, analysts predicted that more than one billion mobile phones would be sold this year alone, bring the total number of mobile phones sold to more than four billion.