Poland cracks down on Internet bullies

The Polish Ministry of Justice has announced plans for new laws that would make it illegal to upload pictures to the Internet showing intimidation and violence.

According to newswire reports, the Ministry wants to stop the current craze amongst Polish schoolkids capturing images of their fellow students bullying classmates and then uploading the mobile phone video results to the Web.

The proposed law is reportedly in response to a sad incident from two years ago when a 14 year old schoolgirl from Gdansk committed suicide after her classmates forced her to strip naked, filmed the incident and uploaded the cameraphone movies to the Net.

Under the new legislation, even the most juvenile of paparazzi will get five years in a detention centre (borstal) for "disseminating vulgar, intimidating or embarrassing content on the Internet," up to three years for merely storing it on a mobile hone, camera or computer and up to two years for secretly capturing and publishing images of naked persons.

I suspect the British authorities would do well to take a leaf out of their Polish counterparts books...