Windows Mobile Running On iPhone is a Sonic Emotion hoax

A young Norwegian developer named Erik Kristiansen has apparently come up with a way of dual booting Windows Mobile OS on the iPhone in what seems to be the hack of the year; Apple being notoriously protective of its popular mobile platform.

But there are (obvious) signs that this is nothing more than an elaborate viral hoax. The site where the video is hosted,, is supposedly the showcase for an exciting iPhone apps and gadgets event. The problem is that there are no reports online about an event that took place form the 26th to the 28th of September.

Surely if it was as popular as it reckons, it would have been picked up earlier by techcrunch, mashable and other blogs/news outlets out there and to make things worse, the domain name has been registered on the 14th of August 2008 and has no further information as to who is organising the event.

And the other highlights of the events include a real time food analyser using the iPhone as well as using the iPhone as a metal detector made by "Serling Technologies", a company that doesn't exist.

Need further proof? The screen presses are not accurate and Windows Mobile does not technically support the iPhone resolution.

Anyway, what nails the hoax is the fact that the guys behind the whole hoax left their signature in the contact page as well as the name of their client, Sonic Emotion.

Well done Fadeout GmBH, at least you had the world talking about your hoax. Still, that would be a great idea to have Bootcamp Mobile.