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9 Reasons Why Buying Apple's New Macbooks Now Make Sense

We have had a few rather interesting discussions this morning following our earlier Apple laptop article with some Apple fans which helped us draw a list of 9 reasons why even if Apple's new Macbooks are horrendously expensive, now is the time to get your mitts on one of their latest Macbooks.

(1) Apple won't bring down the prices of their laptops ever. They might give incentives though their third parties (Dixons will be sending an exclusive money off voucher to those registering their interest in the new Apple Macbook Pro here (opens in new tab)) but they won't be (a) releasing cheaper laptops - they've just increased the price of their cheapest one (b) Smaller and cheaper pint-sized Netbooks are out of question since Steve jobs thinks that they are (opens in new tab) "a nascent market that's just getting started".

(2) Apple Macbook Pros are not that expensive when compared to other lifestyle laptops. Sony notebooks for example sell for prices (opens in new tab) similar to Apple's. Which means that, yes, branding comes at a price.

(3) All New Macbooks now come with decent graphics cards, which can finally allow you to play decent games. Apple has thrown in not only a 9400M graphics module which can be twinned with a dedicated 512MB 9600M GT video module, which can be disabled if needed.

(4) New Macbooks also come with at least 2GB of the faster DDR3 memory type. Having 2GB means that you will be able to comfortably dual boot Windows Vista (an expensive addition) and do a lot more.

(5) The other manufacturers have yet to offer the small (but meaningful) niceties that make Apple products so unique. The box itself is impressive. The Magsafe plus is unheard in Windows World and the Macbook Pro even comes with a display polishing cloth.

(6) Apple is still, far, far ahead when it comes to style. The precision aluminium unibody enclosure is a magnificent engineering feat which has yet to be.

(7) Apple has drawn an extensive Environmental Status report for its products which exceeds what other vendors have achieved. For a start, the laptops themselves are made up of highly recyclable aluminum and glass enclosure. What about that supersized multi-touch trackpad as well.

(8) Apple packs a more complete default software set compared to Windows laptops. Apple's Front Row for example is on par with Windows Media Centre and Boot Camp allows Vista and MacOSX to live on the same laptop.

(9) They still pack the best components value can buy at this price. LED Screens, ticked, DDR3 memory, ticked, 2.8GHz Core 2 Duo mobile processor, ticked. Others may employ lesser components or cut corners, but Apple, as far as we can judge, does not like compromises, be it from a technical or an aesthetic point of view.

Can you think of any other reason why it makes more (commercial) sense to buy the new Macbooks now? Let us know on

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