Hackers targeting mobile phones say the experts

Confirming something I've been wibbling about for a couple of years now, a group of researchers with Georgia Tech in the US say that hackers are now starting to turn their attention to mobile phones.

The reason, the researchers say, is the potential for premium rate revenue - by forcing the mobile to dial premium rate numbers or download ringtones - as well as, of course, the possibility that users will sync their mobile with their desktop or laptop PC.

The researchers say that, if mobile phones become absorbed in botnets, a number of new types of moneymaking scams could be created.

The Georgia Tech researchers say the major appeal of mobiles to hackers is that they are generally always switched on, they're sending and receiving more data, and they typically have poor security.

The problem for the industry, they note, is that antivirus software would soak up large amounts of battery life, which, of course, is a killer on a mobile device.

The $64,000 question, of course, is what are the mobile phone manufacturers going to do to counter this problem?...