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T-Mobile Slammed by Advertising Body For Mobile vs Fixed Broadband comparison

Mobile phone company T-Mobile has been criticised for saying that mobile broadband users could expect the same level of speed and quality of service as fixed line broadband.

However, the advert drew a complaint from a technically-aware geek who said that the "ad misleadingly implied mobile broadband was of similar speed and quality to home broadband."

T-mobile argued that the advert was highlighting the fact that whatever you can do with your fixed line broadband can be achieved on a mobile broadband connection.

But the Advertising Standards Agency rightly pointed out that T-Mobile will not allow popular activities such as Peer to Peer or offer the same QoS for online gaming and streaming.

T-Mobile has been ordered to refrain from saying that mobile broadband service offers a "comparable standard to home broadband".

Maybe T-Mobile should be reminded of its own fair use page.

It would be interesting to see what effect this has on T-Mobile rival advert campaigns. All six major phone networks now have mobile broadband offers.