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Virgin Media Comes On Top Of Broadband Speed Table

Virgin Media is on a roll it seems. It has been designated as the most reliable UK broadband provider by Point Topic when it comes to achieved vs advertised broadband speeds.

Last week, Virgin media won top kudos from for achieving an average download speed of more than 6.1mbps compared to Be/O2's 5.3mbps.

Virginmedia increased its lead in June 2008 in Point Topic's Achieved Speed Perception Index (ASPI) table which looks at the ratio of advertised to achieved speeds reported for major ISPs for speeds above 2mbps (using 2mbps or less datasets would have skewed the results heavily).

All the major broadband providers have registered positive or flat changes with the exception of Sky broadband which drops from first to third place in six month; this, according to Point Topic, could be due to the fact that Sky's 16mbps broadband package have become more popular but the average speed has remained the same.

Interestingly, the survey, which is already 3 months old, does not include Bethere or O2, with Virgin media being the only service provider to offer speeds of up to 20mbps which ironically, Point Topic says, is a speed that is seen as being less achievable compared to the previous tests in January 2008.