£20.99 MyMemory 16GB 133X PRO Compact Flash Card

Professional grade memory cards for the most demanding imaging applications that's how you can qualify this 16GB CF Type 1 card.

MyMemorys' PRO Compact Flash cards are designed specifically to help advanced amateur or professional photographers get the best performance from their high-end imaging devices and applications.

This Compact Flash Card is a 16GB model, capable of transfering data at up to 160mbps with a write speed rate of 72mbps.

With that much memory, you can easily take thousands of multi megapixel pictures and even use it as a primary drive for your computer.

CF drives are known to be more reliable and sturdy compared to normal SD or microSD drives, plus their sizes mean that you won't lose them easily.

It can retain data for up to 10 years and comes with a lifetime warranty plus it complies with Compact Flash Association specification standards.

The memory is available at Mymemory for only £20.99 delivered