Google Pays Tribute To Queen Elizabeth With Elaborate Home Page Logo

The Queen's Profile will appear as the second G in Google's Logo today as her Majesty prepares to visit Google's Headquarters in London, shortly after a recent trip to Google's Youtube HQ last month.

In addition to the doodle, Google has also inserted her Crown on the letter E and Google will demonstrate how the company operates (ed: Will she have a peep at the holy grail? Google's secret algorithm...) as well as meeting the young winners of a draw-a-doodle competition.

There, she met the team that helped create the Queen's Royal channel on Youtube and is also said to regularly listen to podcasts and music on her iPod and communicating with her grandsons, Harry and William, on her Blackberry.

The 82-year old monarch is admittedly a staunch technophile, having launched the first royal website, 11 years ago, confer honorary knighthood to billionaire and Microsoft Founder, Bill Gates in 2005 and starting using the internet two years ago.

The Times Online reveals that Queen Elizabeth actually sent an email back in 1976, well before the World Wide Web was even a blip on anyone's screen.

The official channel of the British Monarchy on Youtube has 54 videos, more than 22500 subscribers and just under 1.62 million channel views.

A video of the visit of Google's headquarters will be posted online at around 1500GMT.