Nvidia's Geforce 9x00 Chipset Brings Discrete GPU Performance to Integrated Graphics

Just a day after Apple announced Nvidia’s GeForce 9300/9400 chipset for its new range of Macbooks, Nvidia unleashed the desktop version of the same.

The new GeForce 9300 and 9400 mGPUs would offer support for faster 3D gaming performance, HD Video compatibility and CUDA support.

With its claims of “good enough is no longer good enough”, Nvidia is all set to challenge Intel’s stronghold in integrated graphics for desktops.

Furthermore, justifying the superiority of the chipsets, Nvidia claimed that the new GeForce 9300/9400 mGPUs can score 575 points in 3DMark Vantage, which is almost twice the AMD’s 790GX score of 262, and five times of the Intel’s G45 chips.

In addition to 3Dmark Vantage score, Nvidia further justifies its superiority by claiming to offer incredible speed of 30fps for prominent games, including Call of Duty 4, Crysis, and Bioshock.

Moreover, the chip-maker has also released screenshots depicting better performance of Nvidia’s integrated graphics over Intel’s integrated graphics.

Boasting with 16 stream processors, the two mGPUs only differ in terms of clock speeds, as 9300 includes 1.2GHz processor with a clock speed of 450MHz, whereas 9400 has 1.4 GHz stream processor with the core clock speed of 580MHz.