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T-Mobile To Release The G1 Smartphone On October 30th, Starts from £31.50 per month

T-Mobile UK says that the HTC Android G1 smartphone will be on sale in the UK from the 30th of October with more than 25,000 potential UK buyers having pre-registered to purchase the handset.

As expected, the G1 will be available on T-mobile for free on Combi and Flext tariffs for as little as £40 per month although T-Mobile is currently offering 18-months Flext 40 and Combi 35 contracts for £31.50 when ordering online (opens in new tab).

As well as unlimited Internet, Combi 35 gives you 800 minutes and unlimited texts, whereas Flext 40 doles out up to 1,250 minutes or up to 2,500 texts or any mix of the two.

Managing Director T-Mobile UK, Jim Hyde said: "With so much excitement generated by the announcement last month, we’re thrilled to bring the T-Mobile G1 to the UK in time for Christmas."

The G1 is the second (or third or fourth) most anticipated phone after Apple's iPhone. It will come either in black or white, have a touchscreen display, come with Google application buttons as well as a QWERTY keyboard.

T-Mobile is also throwing in 2GB microSD card which can be upgraded to 8GB (ed: if it is SDHC compatible, one could try a 32GB card).

Désiré Athow

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