Virtual workspaces could be a better way to manage partner relationships

From little acorns grow massively complex IT partner relationships. This is not always the case, but when organisations expand their offerings and look to engage with their partners on many different levels including new specialist technologies and applications things can get complicated.

The dilemma is that while it is often preferable, from the partner’s point of view, to keep a single point of contact going, it can become counter productive as there is just too much going on for one person to support properly.

However, when there are several people involved with managing different aspects of a partners business, you then have a communication challenge. Things can get a little disjointed with opportunities being lost, not to mention the danger of alienating the partner.

With a real-time virtual workspace which is visualised and shared on a mind map, a partner relations director can pull together relevant information across all the business interactions and share up to date information with his team and the partner.

Everyone involved is always fully briefed of the opportunities and issues, making discussions meaningful and business more productive.

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