£74.23 Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003

Simon asked us where he could get Microsoft Office 2003 Standard and Small Business Edition rather than Office 2007. As an ITC and Facilities manager, he experienced a dilemna whereby some of his company's users do not want to upgrade to Office 2007.

Although Microsoft Office 2003 are as rare as hen's teeth, we managed to get hold of copies of Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003 at Amazon's marketplace from a seller called CassidyBrian2003 (feedback here) for £74.23 which buys you an OEM version - which should be fine for system builders. Expect to get the media and licence as well as the COA and product key.

Amazon Marketplace offers buying guarantee protection so that you can buy with confidence from anyone listed on their marketplace. If you are not confident about going to Amazon and if you own a Toshiba laptop or desktop, then why not buy a Toshiba Microsoft Office Small Business Edition 2003 office suite which comes at only £93.28 including delivery at Ebuyer.com.

You won't be able to use it on any other computers; SMB includes Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher and Outlook.