Adobe Solves ClickJacking Problem With Flash 10, Adds 3D Features As Well

Just a couple of days after Microsoft unleashed its Silverlight 2.0 software, Adobe has spruced up its Flash technology with Flash Player 10.

The new version of Flash Player, code-named “Astro”, is fully equipped to provide better video, audio and graphics to the websites.

The new version boasts of several key features to lure developers, which include, easy-to-add 3D effects, improved text handling features to combine words and graphics to tender more stylish print layout, and better intermixing of audio signals to deliver impressive sound quality.

With its Pixel Blender technology that is compatible with both Photoshop CS4 and After Effects CS4 applications, Flash Player 10 is equipped to allow developers to create and share custom filters across different platforms.

The integrated GPU hardware acceleration feature of the new version uses your GPU for boosting the overall performance without affecting your main processor at all.

With its astonishing features, the new Flash Player, claimed as “game-changing visual experiences on the web”, can be seen as Adobe’s attempt to take Web-based applications to a new level.