FBI expert talks about cybercrime focus

According to the SavannahNow Web portal, one of the many local news portals in the US, Josh Hayes, an FBI special agent was speaking at the monthly small business chamber of commerce in the Georgia city earlier this week.

In his presentation, Hayes said that Cybercrime has become the number one priority for the FBI.

"Cyber crime is becoming a huge problem," he said. "It's definitely something everyone in Washington sees as a problem and foresees as being a problem for a long time."

According to Hayes, small business owners need to take measures to ensure they don't become victims of fraud.

It's not uncommon, he said, for scammers to pose as customers or suppliers and take advantage of small businesses.

"Make sure you're aware of who you're dealing with," Hayes said. "If you apply the 'too good to be true' doctrine, it probably is."

Hayes recommended that companies install as many layers of security on their computers as possible and keep their most sensitive information away from (i.e. not directly connected to) the Internet.

"The safest way to safeguard is to keep it away from the outside world," he said...