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Royal Laughters At Google HQ as The Queen And Prince Philip View Laughing Baby Video

More than 40,000 people have visited Youtube's Royal Channel over the past 24 hours following the Queen's visit to Google's headquarters in London while the official video of "The Queen visits Google London" was viewed nearly 14,500 times.

The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh were "reduced to giggles" (according to The independent) while viewing the world famous "laughing baby" video (which has been viewed more than 63.7 million times).

Queen Elizabeth uploaded her first video on her own Youtube Channel during the visit and where given a demonstration of Google Earth with a quick virtual visit to Windsor Palace and Big Ben.

Her Majesty and Prince Philip also met Geriatric1927, the once-famous 81-year old Youtube celebrity who has managed to get more than 2.2 million channel views and is one of the most subscribed Youtube channels.

Prince Philip even managed to find a flaw in Google's seemingly innocuous PR exercise, by pointing out that Google's own London headquarters were not on Google Maps.

The video which lasts 05:14 can be viewed here.

Pictures Courtesy of Youtube