World's Largest Spammer Organisation Ordered To Close Down By US Judge

In its response to the complaint filed by Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the US District Court for the Northern District of Illinois has instructed the owners of the world’s largest spam enterprise to stop their spamming operations as soon as possible.

The enterprise is referred to as the “spam gang” by Anti-spam group Spamhaus, and is being currently operated by two men, Lance Atkinson, a citizen of New Zealand living in Australia, and Jody Smith, a Texas based businessman.

According to FTC, the spam gang employs spammers from all parts of the globe to send unwanted junk mails promoting several items including prescription drugs, male-enhancement pills, weight-loss medications, etc.

FTC found that one of the products marketed by the spammers, VPXL, publicised as “100 percent herbal and safe” male-enhancement pill, actually contains sildenafil, the main constituent of Viagra, which can have adverse effects on persons suffering from hypertension, diabetes, or high cholesterol.

Incidentally back in 2005, the FTC had obtained a USD2.2 million judgement against Atkinson for running spam operations that promoted herbal products.