Exclusive : Dozens Will Replace ID Fraud Website DarkMarket

We can exclusively reveal dozens of criminal websites are queuing up to replace the popular ID Fraud website darkmarket.ws following an investigation carried out by the ITProportal.com team found.

Many online forums like EBgenius.com or c-v-v.net allow criminal organisations to communicate freely with potential buyers worldwide, some like Global-dumps.com even have official websites with contact form and pricelists. Global-dumps.com quotes USD40 per classic credit card details, USD60 per global/platinum credit card details and USD 70 for each purchasing/credit/business credit card details.

These prices apply for USA/Canada and are four times cheaper than in Europe or Asia which underlines the relative extent of Fraud across the Atlantic where chip and pin technology has still to catch up.

And more worryingly, criminals are no longer afraid to advertise their gears and their bounties online on often very popular websites like Topix.com or Nowrepublic.com in a bid to get more exposure (and more clients).

A common trick employed by members of online criminal organisations is to use news websites which contain the word "dump" and post their adverts for stolen credit card and ID data as comments (see an example at betanews.com)

Some sites allow feedback to be left on buyers and sellers in a very open environment - so open in fact that you hardly need a password or login as for Darkmarket.ws to access them.

Below is a list of 20 websites that we found out, contained advertisements for credit card and ID Fraud. We would not recommend you actively post or try to contact anyone of those forums as there are chances that the police is already tracking down or using some of them as honeypots.

  • Maxconsole.net
  • Dealofday.com
  • EBgenius.cm
  • Topix.com
  • Derkeiler.com
  • Nowpublic.com
  • c-v-v.net
  • yedda.com
  • Hackwire.com
  • Kidrobot.com
  • Chargebackforum
  • Silverspam.com
  • Omgili.com
  • Warezscene.org
  • Scam.com
  • Talkcash.ru
  • netcarding.ru
  • talk-hyip.com
  • darktransfer.com