Security Tidbits : New nasty on the way? New Mac rogue? Plus beware of Some Myspace Friends


There’s a new site out for a rogue security product, NanoAntivirus. This looks like it will be a potential replacement (or additional rogue version) of the pernicious Antispyware Pro XP.

Binaries are not active (yet). However, a fake scanner page is already up: scan. antispyware-free-scanner. com/100525/8/ (if you don’t add the 100525/8/, you get the Antivirus XP Pro scan, complete with fake “porn” that’s been “found” on your computer).

This site is a sister to WiniGuard, a rogue antispyware program related to Innovagest 2000… a noted bad actor…

However, there are no downloadable binaries. Something to keep an eye on, though.


Just to put this into context, we’ve seen the Innovagest gang around some really horrific products, likeAntivirus XP 2008, XP Antivirus — and much more.

If you get this Friend Request in MySpace, it’s not a good one.

Friend request123333

Here’s the profile page:


However, clicking on the page brings up this oddball page:


Notice the use of a “translate” page on Google. Possible a new redirect type of activity to avoid filters…

The page pushes a Zlob fake codec variant, disguised at a “MySpace Profile Object”.

Thanks to Big R, a security researcher, for this catch.