Apple Signs Peace Agreement With Clone Maker Psystar

In a move to avoid the costly legal process, both Apple and Psystar have agreed to engage in a mediated settlement of their ongoing dispute over Psystar’s open computers that are shipped with preinstalled Mac OS X.

By involving themselves in an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process, the companies have agreed to engage in a non binding arbitration where the results of the negotiations can remain secret.

The Apple-Psystar dispute originated earlier this year when Apple sued Psystar over its move to sell Open Computers with Mac OS X preinstalled and Psystar in return sued Apple on antitrust grounds.

The move to involve in the ADR process can have mixed benefits for Apple; on one hand it can gain from avoiding any antitrust claims of Psystar which may have a chance of affecting it’s on going antitrust cases related to iTunes and iPhone while on the other hand even if it manages to stop Psystar from selling computers with Mac OS X, it will not be able to publicise the decision and prevent others companies with similar ideas.