BT Gives Free Wireless Broadband To Business Customers

BT has decided to offer free mobile broadband connections to customers who subscribe to its business internet tariff plans.

The move from BT will see it offering a free mobile dongle along with the mobile broadband connection to customers who purchase new business internet plans or renew their existing connections.

In addition such customers will have access to more than 100,000 BT hotspots in Ireland and UK and will also receive 2000 BT Openzone minutes for free.

One can use the BT’s access manager software to detect and select the connection available in an area from the possible available options including Wi-Fi hotspots, mobile broadband etc.

However the mobile broadband which BT claims can offer a speed of 7.2 Mbps will have a limited data cap of 1GB per month which many customers would consider as entry level.

Expressing his satisfaction with the development, Bill Murphy, managing director of BT Business remarked "Free mobile broadband for businesses has arrived. It brings together the complementary worlds of 3G, Wi-Fi and fixed-line broadband for customers in a truly powerful converged offering."