Criminals Steal Funds From French President's Online Bank Account

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has been the unfortunate victim of online criminals who have managed to steal funds from his online bank account.

According to several sources (including le Journal Du Dimanche), hackers managed to siphon small amounts of money from Mr Sarkozy's online account after having obtained his login and password last month. The French president then filed a complaint with the police.

The French Secretary of State for consumer affairs, Luc Chatel, said that there's a police investigation currently underway to find out how the French President personal details managed to fall into criminal hands.

It is unknown whether the "homme fort" of French politics shared this account with his wife, former top model, Carla Bruni. It is also highly likely that the criminals have got their mitts on more than Sarkozy's bank login and password.

More worryingly, France top security experts will have to work out how the criminals managed to access the password in the first place. Unlike Sarah Palin's email hack last month, Sarkozy's security breach is much more serious as he is a statesman and the president of one of the G7 countries.