Security Tidbits : More Scam Sites, Virus Bulletin 2008 Keynote Address, Google Drunk Mail

A new set of scam sites

ZlobTrojan Distributing site: Vmpupdate. com

Once the Trojan is installed it further downloads and installsVirusResponse Lab 2009rogue security product. Virus-labs2009. com Virus-response. com Virusresplab. com Virusresponse2009. com


Scam Internet Security Page: Homepageroze. com


Security Guide Scam Page: Linkondezktop. com

Ad-Server-Gate Pages: Fghin. com Pbkjh. com

Protection Center Scam Page: Asecurevillage. com

Scam Security Toolbar site: Toolbarfornew. com

IE AntiSpywareStore site: Iexplorerfile. com

Please stay clear of all these sites.

Virus Bulletin 2008 keynote address

Google Drunk Mail

Now that is something really funny:

A plugin for google mail that prevents you from sending emails completely drunken!

No, it's not a joke it really exists here:click

Sometimes people have really strange ideas... This time it was even funny and entertaining. The plugin activates itself during weekends, so not much of use for me since my beer evening is usually monday evening. Oh wait, you can even configure that? Downloading it right now!

Signing off (completely sober!)