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Break free from information overload and soar to new heights

There is an embarrassment of riches today when it comes to the sheer amount of information that’s available to you. So how do you harness the wealth of data, web pages and other input that comes your way?

Is there a way to use it more effectively to formulate new ideas, sharpen your focus and ultimately drive your success? Well yes there is, by taking advantage of new developments in collaborative and mind mapping software.

A mind map is an interactive visual diagram that looks like a tree with a main topic in the middle and as many sub topics as you like exploding out of the in branches.

Sub-branches can have mini branches and you can add or move to your hearts content.

Information displayed in a visual format makes it more memorable, give it context and unveils patterns and relationships that are difficult to see in a linear document.

Add the ability for project teams to access and work on these workspaces simultaneously, in real-time, via the web, then you are really cooking.

Mindjet makes software that helps people visualise and use information. Its products enable individuals and teams to work smarter, think creatively, and save time every day.