French President Sarkozy's bank account hacked

I was mildly amused yesterday to read that the bank account of President Sarkozy of France had been hacked, with "small sums" hoovered up from his account.

Luc Chatel, the French Secretary of State for consumer affairs, was quoted on the French newswires yesterday as confirming that an investigation is now under way.

Chatel also said more needed to be done to tighten the security of Internet banking in France.

So it takes a President's bank account to get hacked before the banks tighten up their security? Marvellous - not

Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant with Sophos (fx: curtsies in the presence of IT security Royalty - Ed) said that the Sarkozy case is interestiing because the crims managed to steal the password to access what should have been a secure account.

"This latest incident highlights the fact that no-one is safe and that everyone should take the necessary precautions to avoid ending up in the same boat as Sarkozy and so many others," he said.

I think, Graham, you have a very valid point. I wonder if President Sarkozy's bank will blame the president for the hack?

I somehow doubt it...