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Looking beyond the EU Code of Conduct

This EU proposed Code of Practice undoubtedly has a key role to play in providing a common currency for measuring and comparing data centres’ power efficiency, contributing to a greater awareness of the issues and helping put the ‘greening’ of the data centre on the agenda.

However, once armed with an accurate and agreed measure for power consumption and IT efficiency, the next challenge for companies that operate data centres will be to reduce their overall environmental impact - a combined metric, made up of a balanced scorecard that draws from power and IT efficiency along with building efficiency, and the processes and policies that are in place.

Given the complexity of the mandatory and voluntary controls that are in place in the data centre, it is understandable that companies are looking for a simple, clear and meaningful measure of the overall state of their data centre and some recommendations on what they can easily, and cost effectively do to make it better.

The EU Code of Practice is a very welcome contributor to the understanding and measurement of power efficiency in the data centre.

The next step for companies is to integrate the Code with other data points, regulations and best practice in order to identify the priority actions they can take to reduce power, save money and improve the environmental impact of their data centre.

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