Motorola Spending Big Money To Build Android-based Social networking Phone

It seems that Motorola’s new Android based phone is unlikely to see the light of the day till the second quarter of next year which has lead many analysts to believe that Motorola is falling behind in the smartphone domain.

According reports published by BusinessWeek, Motorola is spending close to USD 50 million to develop an Android based smartphone that will be tailored for social networking.

The concept does seem to have some merit with a possibility of a social smart phone becoming a big draw amongst young users who would love the idea of updating things on platforms like Facebook while on the go.

However with very little information coming out from Motorola regarding the possible features that the phone will incorporate, analysts are raising doubts regarding how successfully such a phone can compete with established rivals like the T-Mobile HTC G1 Dream phone, Nokia 5800 and their ilk.

And in some aspects, this smartphone could well be Motorola's last attempt at recapturing marketshare and anything other than success could spell doom for the American-based company.