£149.99 Mini Video LED Projector (no need to replace lamps)

Display your DVDs, satellite, games consoles or any other video source on your wall with this LED projector.

Ideal for bedrooms, small office presentations and the lounge, you can get a screen size of up to 21-inch at a distance of 1 metre

You can use a manual focus to get the best picture at different distances and its LED operation with no bulbs to replace or no on-going replacement costs means over 50,000 hours of use from the LEDs.

With a built in stereo speakers, it is very small and ultra-portable and with lower power, high light output, it is eco-friendly - only consumes 18W of power when in use. It includes dust cover to prolong picture quality.

User can lie down on the bed to watch movie on ceiling, expect 21-inch at 1 meter distance, 40-inch at 2 meters, 53-inch at 3 meters and up to 80 inches.

You can buy this projector at Maplin for only £149.99 with free delivery and you can get a £7 discount by using this code 51ZX-WVLJ-Q28X-HW93-JNXV.

Unfortunately, each code is uniquely generated and can only be used once. ITProportal.com readers can however get their own set though if they sign up on Maplin's site.