200 Million iPhone Apps Downloads Show that Client-Model Is Alive

Amongst the various good news announced by Steve Jobs during Apple's earnings calls is one which is bound to make developers worldwide smile broadly. More than 200 million iPhone apps have been downloaded since its launch.

That's roughly 200,000 over the 102 days since its 11th July launch and underlines an even more interesting hint. While it took Apple 60 days to reach the first 100 million iPhone app downloads, it needed merely 42 days to reach the next 100 million.

Ditto for the number of applications in App Store. Back in September, it had more than 3000 applications in store and by the end of October, this is bound to be within touching distance of 6000, with around 90 percent priced under USD10 and nearly 700 available for free.

And it brings in an interesting irony. While on the desktop front, cloud computing and software-as-a-service are viewed as a significant threat to established desktop client applications (just ask Microsoft), the same is not happening on the mobile front.

And there's a number of reasons why this is the case: bandwidth, connectivity and performance issues amongst others.

Expect more developers, big and small, to flock to the four mobile platforms with more enthusiasm as they discover that they can finally get some decent revenue online.

It therefore comes as no surprise that all major mobile platforms - including Microsoft - have or are planning to have application distribution channels.