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£398.24 Acer Aspire M3200, AMD Phenom 9500 Quad Core CPU, 3GB, 1TB Hard disk

The ATI Hybrid CrossFireX capable technology combined with AMD's Phenom processor give the Aspire M3200 maximum entertainment potential at an affordable price.

The Aspire M3200 comes with Dolby home theater virtual surround sound which offers a superior audio experience.

Combined with multi-in-one card reader, 7.1-channel audio support and full TV access through the PC, this desktop is your true digital home centerpiece.

Acer's Aspire M3200 is designed to maximise the use of ATI's Hybrid Crossfire X technology which utilises an additional VGA card on a single motherboard.

By combining two integrated graphics processors, it offers up to a 70 percent improvement in graphics versus the standard motherboard with a single VGA card.

The M3200 comes with a Quad Core AMD Processor with 512kb, running at 2.2GHz; it is complemented by 3GB memory, a DVD writer and two 500GB Western Digital hard disk drives.

Surprisingly, Acer ships the M3200 with a Geforce 8400 video card which can be removed in order to use the onboard HDMI.

Amongst other added value speciaifcations, there's a Firewire port, Windows XP Home Premium, a card reader and Microsoft Works 8.5.

Ebuyer sells the Acer Aspire M3200 (opens in new tab) for only £398.24 including delivery

Désiré Athow

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