Google Now Delivers Real Time Traffic Update On Maps

The search engine giant will now offer traffic information in real time on its popular Google Maps online services in partnership with the Highways Agency.

Data will be collected from all motorways and major so-called A roads in England. In addition, four major cities - Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester and London - will benefit from additional real time traffic down to street level.

Users will be able to add a "live traffic" overlay with a four-colour code, ranging from black to green, and will also be able to check traffic at a particular day and time using data based on past conditions.

Th Director of Information at the Highways Agency, Denise Plumpton, said that "This sort of project is a key part of our information strategy aimed at getting traffic information out to motorists where and when they need it"

The mobile version of Google maps has yet to be implemented which means that you will need to use a laptop if you want live traffic data on the move. The information will be provided in real time from the Highways Agency HQ in Birmingham.