Motorola Releases GBP1230 Aura, Christmas Phone for Fashionistas

Not sure whether Motorola has got its priorities right when it is launching a bling bling phone like the Aura. At USD 2000, this is no cheap phone and although it has an incredible wow factor, it is highly unlikely to help Motorola catch up with the competition.

This fashion Quad-band phone comes with a 2MP camera and 2GB internal memory but no WiFi or 3F Support or GPS and although it has a Sapphire lens and boosts the first circular LCD display capable of showing 16 million colours, it won't sell by the bucket load.

And the price, even for a stainless steel phone, will leave the majority of us unfazed despite having more than 700 individual components and what Motorola qualifies as "superb craftsmanship and distinctive interface". The manufacturer states that it takes nearly 2 weeks to produce one phone housing.

This is literally the silver (stainless steel?) lining in an altogether much darker cloud. Motorola's Q2 2008 sales have slipped 22 percent over the last year to USD 3.3 billion with operating losses worsening to USD 346m.