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Nokia 5800 XpressMusic – Impressive first attempt

Nokia had its Smartphone Show preview party on Monday at which their first S60 touch screen handset was eagerly handled by the soggy attendees.

Note for the future Nokia, if people are slightly early and it’s raining hard, either let them in or have a supply of umbrellas to handout whilst they wait.

The Nokia 5800 is not an iPhone killer, yet for just over £200 contract free it is a bargain touch smartphone.

The screen is bright and sharp, there are well thought out controls to bring down menus and see your multi tasking applications (Apple take note), and the software worked smoothly, immediately changing orientation with little delay.

Physically it is both chunkier and narrower than an iPhone 3G. Also being a middle range handset its construction is plastic but with a reasonable feel.

The feature list is extensive with 3.5G, GPS, WiFi(g), Carl Zeiss 3.2Mpx auto focus camera, dual flash, stereo speakers and standard headphone plug.

On the down side it does not have a totally flush screen being slightly raised at the edge of the screen. The screen sensitivity is also not up to iPhone standard, but better than some WinMo devices.

At the price there is little to fault the 5800, and in many respects would be at the top of my list for a smartphone at £300 or less.