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Sony Brings Out Tiny Blu-ray Vaio Laptop - The TT

Sony showed to the netbook crowd what they are up against as the Japanese firm launched the TT range of Vaio laptops yesterday in the UK and sporting a 11-inch screen and a carbon fibre chassis.

Pitched as a direct replacement for the popular-but-expensive TZ series, the TT weighs in at 1.3Kg and will provide with a whopping 8 hours worth of charge, enough for a whole day of work.

Sony will also allow you to customise the laptop using the new "Vaio by you" tailoring service which will allow you to add a Blu-ray drive for example or a 128GB hard disk drive instead of the traditional spinning one with more than 6000 other possible options.

Other features of this strikingly beautiful piece of technology include a Core 2 Duo CPU, 4GB memory, onboard HSDPA/HSUPA SIM-unlocked modem as well as the sumptuous 11-inch widescreen display capable of displaying 1366x768 pixels, 10 percent less than the kind of resolution you would get on a 19-inch desktop screen.

Oddly though, the US version nof the TT will come with Blu-ray included whereas the UK version doesn't.

Expect to pay top Pounds for this laptop though. The 2GB entry level version comes in at £1599 while the top of the range version will cost £1999, the equivalent of 10 Asus EEE laptops. Credit crunch? What credit crunch?

Désiré Athow

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