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Document management systems doing their bit to encourage the cutting of carbon emissions

While there is a lot of discussion over how to cut carbon output from IT and Communications, its only part of the picture. Organisations should look beyond just reducing power consumption.

For instance, what about your company’s print output? When controlling your IT carbon emissions, it is important to also look at the materials that are being consumed such as paper and toner etc.

One quick and obvious way to cut printer emissions is to reduce the number of printers used in an organisation and replace those that are left with networked multi-functional devices.

Better yet put in place policies and systems which enable electronic generation, storage and distribution of documents to create a ‘paperless office’.

One organisation that has seized on the ‘paperless office dream’ is Cumberland Building Society. The company engaged in a program of change which has earned it a leadership status for its use of technology in financial retail.

The agenda has seen the Cumberland embark on an ambitious plan to transition to a completely ‘paperless office’.

Whilst this journey is a continual one, invaluable lessons have been learned along the way including the improvement of work efficiencies, customer interactions and a new way of working with digital content.

Oceanus is a systems integrator and customer management specialist; providing comprehensive document and case management solutions for customer acquisition and customer service environments in Consumer Finance, Telco's and Utility companies.