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Mapping out new relationships in learning and collaboration

Information is the lifeblood of business, the economy and most aspects of our society, from healthcare to legal affairs and scientific investigation to the ‘chat by the coffee machine’.

We all need, at some level, to know what is happening, what new developments there are and what new trends are being set.

Finding effective and inspirational ways of communicating information is essential to the success of corporate training and development programmes.

They need to communicate on many levels as well as energise their course content.

The programmes are often run through the usual classroom style learning and workshops, but increasingly the emphasis is on training eLearning (opens in new tab) and a high use of technology to deliver material for personal development and skills acquisition, especially for a globally distributed workforce.

Being smart with the use of technology can make the difference between running a mediocre training course and a motivational one.

The IT solution needs to be able to help you effectively manage every aspect of the learning and development work; from the needs analysis to brainstorming around course development and delivery, through data capture and performance charting, as well as develop outputs in various formats for sharing and collaborating.

Mindjet makes software that helps people visualise and use information. Its products enable individuals and teams to work smarter, think creatively, and save time every day.