Rumour Mill: Apple Canning Mac Mini, Preparing For Mac Netbook????

If rumours floating on the internet are to be believed it seems that Apple has decided to stop shipments of Mac Mini.

According to Gizmodo, a leading US blog, two major European retailers have confirmed to it that they "can't order any more" of this Mac variant.

Apple had introduced the Mac Mini in 2005 and since then has not shown any great deal of enthusiasm in upgrading its specs as it only received six updates till date.

Many analysts believe that the Mac Mini was launched under shareholder pressure in order to target the sub thousand dollar market and since its inception has received step motherly treatment from Apple.

No wonder that Mac Mini is relatively way behind in technical sophistication as compared to other Mac models

Though no official announcement has been made by Apple regarding the discontinuation of Mac Mini, some believe that the company may even bring out an upgraded model in future.

In related news, Apple could be preparing a Netbook device (according to the New York Times) to catch up with the likes of MSI, Samsung and Asus in what is a booming market.

More about that later today.