Ebay Buyer In Legal Trouble After Leaving Negative Feedback

Chris Read, a 42-year old mechanic from Herne Bay is likely to face a lawsuit after he sent negative feedback comments on the popular auction website, eBay.

Read stated that he was stunned to receive legal papers saying that he would face legal action for posting negative feedback with respect to his purchase of a mobile handset from the website.

Read used the eBay platform to purchase a mobile handset, Samsung F700V, from Joel Jones, a Sufflok-based businessman who deals in used electronics goods.

In his feedback comment to the website, Read said, “Item was scratched, chipped, and not the model advertised on Mr. Jones’ eBay account.”

After posting the feedback, Read received Jones’ response through an email, alleging that the comments were affecting his business, and threatening lawsuit if Read didn’t withdraw his comments soon.

Upholding his decision of legal action against Mr. Read, Jones stated that the feedback was “unfair, unreasonable and damaging”, as he has already paid Read his money back.