Google Launches Gmail Mobile 2.0 For Blackberry and J2ME devices

Google has revamped its Gmail mobile offering by introducing a new version 2.0 of the application.

Primarily designed for J2ME-supported platforms and Blackberry devices, the new version boasts of extensive support for offline accessibility of inboxes for the first time.

According to the developers of the application, the new iteration of the Gmail mobile application is aimed at offering speedier performances, smoother scrolling and more reliable experience to its users.

The new version allows its users to save multiple email drafts in their J2ME powered phones or in Blackberry handsets, by adding some interactive shortcut keys through the QWERTY keyboard, such as, ‘k’ to switch to newer conversation, ‘j’ to older messages, and ‘z’ to undo operation.

Derek Phillips, one of the developers of the application, said in a statement, “We rearchitected the entire client to push all the processing to the background, greatly improve the client-side caching scheme.”

Users can download the updated version of the application through using their mobile browser.