India's Mumbai WiFi networks wide open says report

Whilst insecure WiFi access points are increasingly becoming a rareity here in the UK, it seems that Indian networks are still wide open.

According to a study by Deloitte in Mumbai, as many as 88 per cent of WiFi networks in the city may be vulnerable to hackers,

Deloitte sampled around 6,700 networks in the city and found 36 per cent of them were unprotected.

A further 52 per cent used the easily crackable WEP encryption key system, leaving just 12 per cent using the far more secure WPA or WPA2 encryption key technology.

Deloitte says that, out of the total networks surveyed, 1,852 were business networks. And of those, 42 per cent had zero protection in place, which is quite astonishing, when you think about it...