Microsoft Pushes Emergency Security Patch To Solve Remote Execution Vulnerability

Microsoft has released an “out of band” security patch, aimed at fixing a critical vulnerability in almost all versions of Windows and Windows Server.

Researchers at Microsoft’s Malware Protection Centre have discovered a potent flaw in Windows server component, which allows attacker to exploit system resources remotely by sending a specially-designed Remote Call Procedure packet to users.

The update is dubbed critical for Windows XP and other older versions of Microsoft, and is rated important for Windows Vista.

The vulnerability is not pronounced “critical” for Windows Server 2007 and Vista, and is largely targeted at the older versions of Windows.

Citing the dangerous nature of the flaw that lets hackers to remotely execute codes on users’ systems, researchers purported that the malware infection could potentially spread amongst numerous computers in a stealth manner.

Usually, the software giant releases its security updates on second Tuesday of every month, popularly referred to as “Tuesday Patch”, and this “out of band” security update itself indicates the severity of the threat.