Symbian Foundation Poaches Lee Williams From Nokia To Become Its Director

Lee Williams, the current chief of Nokia’s S60 organisation, has been appointed as Executive Director of the Symbian Foundation, by the board comprising of 10 founding members of the Foundation.

All the 10 founding members that include some of the big names of the industry, like - LG Electronics, Nokia, Motorola, AT&T, Samsung Electronics, Sony Ericsson, etc - have unanimously voted for Lee Williams as the head of the new organisation.

In a statement Williams said, “To me there can be no more exciting role in the mobile software world than to lead the Symbian Foundation.”

He will be assuming the new role on 1 January, and will remain as the head of S60 Organisation until the end of this year.

Instead of creating new software, the Foundation will now focus on the development of the platform and look after the implementation related issues.

Symbian Foundation was conceptualised by Nokia in June, after its announcement of outright take-over of Symbian, and now, the foundation is supported by 52 companies representing different industries including, device manufacturers, software and service companies, semiconductor firms and mobile network operators.