Three Apps Marketplaces Launched On Time For Forthcoming Android Smartphone

The first smartphone featuring Google’s “Android” platform, the HTC G1, was unleashed over the T-Mobile network on Tuesday.

In addition to the smartphone, Google has also rolled out its application portal, tagged ‘Google Android Market’, for providing free applications for installation on the new device.

In addition, MobiHand and Handango also offer HTC G1 apps portals of their own; though, all the three stores provide applications for the new Android phone, they considerably different in their offerings.

Google Android Market is obviously the main source for obtaining latest Android apps, which currently boasts around 50 applications for the device, including WikiMobile, BooRah, iSkoot, iMap, imeem, wertago, and Shazam.

The interface of Android Market is appealing and most applications being offered free of charge.

Incidentally the Android app store launched by MobiHand is named “Only Android” and it offers both paid as well as free apps to the device users, and its initial offerings mainly include games, like Par 72 Golf II and Freecell.

Android phone users can also download some of the impressive applications, like GoogHelper, Fast Food Calorie Counter, and an advanced IM app, from Handango’s website.