Xlink Cellular Bluetooth Gateway - Dump The Landline For Good!

Many folks these days are dumping their land based phone lines in favor of cellular, VOIP, and SKYPE services. Younger generations especially, appreciate the lower service costs, portability, and fun factor associated with these technologies.

One company, Xlink, is capitalizing on the switch to cellular.

Theyhave recently launched the Xlink Cellular Bluetooth Gateway. This handy little device pairs with your mobile phone via Bluetooth and essentially pipes your cellular service through the standard phone wiring in your home or office.

With the Xlink Bluetooth Gateway you can:

  • Connect up to 3 Bluetooth enabled cell phones to your home phones
  • Answer your cell phone calls from any phone in the house
  • Fully utilize your cell phone weekend and evenings minutes
  • Use in your home or at the office

The Xlink Blutooth Gateway comes in two flavors. One is for use without landline service, and one for use with or without landline service for those who aren't ready to cut the cord just yet. Given that land based phone service can cost $40-$100+ per month this device can possibly pay for itself very quickly! Go ahead, simplify your life, reduce your bills, and cut the cord for good!

This post was contributed by eXpansys plc, the owner of the eXpansys brand, the largest wireless technology online retail business in Europe and the USA.