Take Advantage of the Features - Every Headset Has at Least One!

From basic Bluetooth to Voice Controlled to Solar Powered, headsets are everywhere. We at eXpansys want to bring you not only the basic and middle of the road style Bluetooth headsets, but the very latest, greatest and unique also for every price range.

One of the hottest and most affordable headsets to hit the market is the Iqua 603 SUN - the first solar-powered Bluetooth headset in the world. This wireless headset has got a photovoltaic cell that uses any available light - outdoors and indoors - to charge itself and single button operation including the use of voice dial for personal or wireless VoIP calls.

This lightweight and unique headset can be paired with up to 8 Bluetooth devices, has up to 12 hours talk time and of course, indefinite standby time when charging in the sunlight. Promoting environmental awareness got the SUN selected as an “Innovations 2008 Design and Engineering Award” honoree in the Wireless Handsets Accessories product category.

Jabra is one of the leading manufacturers in the Bluetooth headset industry so it's no surprise that they have unleashed the sleek JX20 Pura.

Not only does it boasts a genuine titanium outer shell for protection, it also comes with a cool looking charging station with external LED lights that help users keep track of battery life. Instead of holding down a button for a few seconds to turn on or off the device, the JX20 can be turned on or off by simply twisting the collar of the ear-bud, with or without the optional ear loop being attached. With a full charge you should be able to get up to 6 hours of talk time.

Another well known name in the world of Bluetooth headsets is Plantronics. The newest edition to their family, Voyager 835, has dual-mic AudioIQ noise canceling technology which separates and enhances your voice to minimize distracting background sounds.

Plantronics QuickPair technology lets you easily pair your headset with your Bluetooth phone and multipoint technology lets you stay connected with two Bluetooth phones—like a PDA and personal phone— all from one lightweight headset. The contoured earpiece of the Voyager 835 makes for a comfortable, all day wear too.

Hands free?? How about going eyes free too? With the BlueAnt V1 - you can. It's the world's first voice controlled Bluetooth headset. The V1 allows users to easily control most functions of their headset using the revolutionary BlueGenie™ Voice User Interface. Talk to it and it talks to you.

One button gives you control of the entire function set of the V1, in an easy to use voice interface. With dual mics, three charging options (car, wall & USB), an innovative tie clip, the option to pair up to 8 other Bluetooth devices and a full 2 year replacement warranty - this headset is worth every penny.

This post was contributed by eXpansys plc, the owner of the eXpansys brand, the largest wireless technology online retail business in Europe and the USA.