Cheltenham woman loses 14K to cyberfraud; opens Cyberfraud Web site

I was intrigued to hear that a Cheltenham woman, after being ripped for 14 grand in a cybercrime fraud - in which she allowed her bank account to be used for bopping money around the Internet - is launching a Web site to publicise the problem.

The woman thought she was being employed by a German auto parts company that punted money through her account, but after visiting the bank one day, she was confronted by four Plodpeople and arrested.

The case is a sad mix of commercial naivety and fraud, but rather than letting the fraud get her down, the lady concerned s quoted on the West Tonight local ITV program over the weekend as saying she is setting a Web site - - to publicise the issue.

Planned for launch in November, the plan is for the site to act as a central forum to educate people about the dangers of this - and other - types of cybercrime.

Will it succeed? I honestly don't know - you can watch the ITV West Tonight clip here...