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Dell Launches Yet Another Netbook, The Inspiron Mini 12

Dell is betting on the success of the Netbook trend it seems after it has added another model to its Mini range called the Inspiron Mini 12 which sports a 12.1-inch screen and comes with, surprise, surprise, Windows Vista rather than Windows XP.

The Mini 12 will be powered either by an Atom processor running at 1.3GHz (The Z520) or 1.6GHz (The Z530), 1GB memory and either a 60GB or 80GB hard disk drive with an expected starting price of around USD600, roughly £400.

APC has the first review here (opens in new tab) and apart from the fact that it shares the same design as the Mini 9 netbook - the Mini 9 is roughly 30 percent physically bigger.

Although it is not as thin as the Macbook Air, its profile thickness is still less than one inch and the laptop weighs in at only 1.24Kg. Shame though that you can't upgrade the memory beyond 1GB which explains why it gets a Windows Experience Rating of only 1.0 (on a scale of 1 to 5).

Other features include built-in Bluetooth, Wireless connectivity, 3G compatibility and a few surprises as well like a 1.3MP digital webcam.

The laptop is currently only on sale in Japan but one can expect it to be launched fairly soon in UK. Tesco still has had a comparison page for the product up since mid September.

It will be interesting to see how Dell juggles the new Inspiron Mini 12 and other 12.1-inch models it sells like the Latitude D430, the E4200 or the 13.3-inch Vostro 1310 lappy.

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