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HP Is Preparing Cheaper Sub £250 Netbook, the Mininote 1000

HP looks set to launch a little brother for its popular Mininote 2133 netbook, which will sell at a starting price of USD 399.99, roughly around £250. Expect more to come as from this Wednesday.

The Mininote 1000 will weigh in at just over 1Kg and is around 25mm thick when closed and is bound to have a less powerful configuration compared to the Mininote 2133 which currently carries a price tag of up to £400 (when bundled with Vista Business) at some online e-tailers.

While the 1000 will have a larger screen compared to 2133 (10-inch compared to 8.9-inch), one can expect it to display less pixels (a 30 percent drop from the current 983,000 pixels or so - at least on the expensive versions) especially as HP wants to differentiate it from the more expensive model.

It is not known whether HP will dump the VIA C7-M CPU in the 2133 and adopt the more powerful but also more expensive Intel 1.6GHz Atom processors - although keeping VIA would essentially be more cost-effective given that both the 2133 and the 1000 appear to share the same chassis.

Our (educated guess) is that the 2133 will target corporate pockets while the 1000 will aim at the consumer market and will probably come with flash storage rather than traditional hard disk drives.

Désiré Athow

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