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More than 600,000 G1 Android Smartphones Sold By End 2008 Says HTC

HTC has painted an optimistic picture regarding sales of its T-Mobile G1 handsets by claiming that it will manage to sell more than 600,000 such handsets before the year end.

In an interview given to Mercury News, Peter Chou, the CEO of HTC predicted that it will be selling much more that it has originally planned and also expressed the hope that the market for smartphones will increase at an appreciable rate.

If predictions made by Chou are to hold true then the G1 will possibly become the best selling handset from HTC till date and will sure give the Apple iPhone a run for its money.

In a related statement Chou also dismissed speculations regarding its giving a lower preference to Windows Mobile owing to the use of Google’s Android in the G1 handset by saying “Of course we are not de-prioritising Windows Mobile by any means. However, with Android we can do more.”

Chou also expressed the hope that the G1 would perform even better in the coming year and mentioned that it has good chances of succeeding in the US market which till now has been dominated by Apple.

Désiré Athow

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