50 per cent of mobile users snoop on their better half's handset

Research from Omnio.com claims to show that almost 50 per cent of UK mobile phone users have snooped on their better half's mobile, looking for adulterous text messages and the like.

Researchers found that the most common snooping method was grabbing the handset whilst their better half was in the bathroom.

As well as adulterous text messages, apparently we're all also looking for withheld numbers (a bad sign) and the number of the ex-girlfriend/boyfriend stored in the contacts directory.

And, just to make life interesting, it seems that that ten per cent of cellular users are sufficiently mobile savvy to have a second SIM card or mobile, expressly for the use of contacting their bit on the side.

What does this tell us about UK mobile phone users? We're a pretty morally corrupt bunch, I can tell you...